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Welcome to Top China's website. We officially opened in April 2004!

Top China Food: Very good
Atmosphere: Good
Service: Very good
Prices: $3.75 - $9.95
Value: Very good
Favorite: General Tso's Chicken
Children: Daily choices listed on a board
Vegetarians: Plenty of choices
Alcohol: None
Smoking policy: Non-smoking
Health rating: OK (pending formal rating)

Nothing brings people together like food. A prime example would be a traditional family dinner. I remember my family drifting into the kitchen at the end of the day and great aromas drifting out to greet us. But what happens when soccer, baseball, football or plain old homework get in the way? Restaurants and takeout happen.

Luckily Montgomery has plenty of restaurant choices that also offer takeout services. Top China (in Chantilly Corner Shopping Center) is the newest addition to this genre. The format for this eatery is somewhere between fast food Chinese and sit-down restaurant service. It's spacious, clean with tile floors and nice furnishings, so if you're in the mood to eat at the restaurant, it's an inviting atmosphere. But if you're just in a hurry, you can take your food with you. We did both -- ate some there and took some with us. Each order is prepared fresh, so there is a small wait. I don't mind when hot, fresh food is the result.

The menu is standard Chinese fare, with everything from chow mein to Kung Pao chicken. But there are also special choices for dieters, vegetarians and even children. Everyone will find something to like at Top China. There are 107 regular items, 32 combination platters, 25 chef specialties and 32 lunch specials.

Now regular readers of this column will know that I prefer a smaller menu. I'm sure this preference comes from my inability to make a decision. Whatever the reason, large menus are a bit overwhelming for me so I'm glad I had good counsel. We were able to zero in on a few good choices.

Appetizers are my favorite part of Chinese food, so we started with those. I'm crazy for egg rolls and steamed dumplings, and when it's colder, I really love egg drop soup. It's a little warm for soup right now, so we just ordered egg rolls and steamed dumplings.

The egg rolls are the fat kind stuffed with Chinese cabbage, pork or shrimp. But you can get spring rolls too. And they're drained properly so they aren't greasy. The steamed dumplings are also good, but the dipping sauce is the best part. I don't know what's in it, but it's heavy with soy sauce and very salty. I loved it.

As for entrees, we tried several things. General Tso's chicken ($4.50 lunch special/$7.95 regular) is crispy coated chicken chunks seasoned and sautéed with broccoli in a sweet and spicy brown sauce. You can order it as spicy as you like. Happy Family ($9.75) is great for people like me. It has everything -- crab meat, jumbo shrimp, fresh scallops, beef, chicken, roast pork sautéed with mixed vegetables in a brown sauce. The shrimp and scallops are nice sized and the chunks of beef, chicken and pork are also generous. The crab meat, however, is imitation and not too tasty, but overall the dish is very good.

Most of the entrees are served with steamed white rice unless you request pork fried rice. The combinations come with an egg roll and pork fried rice, and the lunch specials are served with your choice of rice.

The portions at Top China are generous, but many of the items on the menu can be ordered by the pint or by the quart. The chef's specialties, however, are one size and they are huge. No problem for me. I love cold Chinese food.

You can call ahead to eliminate waiting for takeout orders. I noticed most people ordering and sitting down to wait. Montgomery has this takeout thing down great. Now if we could just get delivery Chinese. Hint, hint!

We are located at:
9160 East Chase Parkway
Montgomery, Alabama 36117
(in Chantilly Corner's Shopping Center)

Tel: 334-270-1668

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 11am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am - 10:30pm
Sunday: Noon - 9:30pm